You Are Invited to the #OutlanderWedding Twitter Party Saturday, Sept 20 8 pm – 1 am EDT, 5 pm – 10 pm PDT

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The day we’ve all been waiting for is almost here. To celebrate the marriage of Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp and James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, we are planning a virtual party on the #OutlanderWedding Twitter feed.

The festivities kick off at 8 pm Eastern time with a one-hour pre-function where we will try to trend #OutlanderWedding with photos, quotes and screenshots of the happy couple to introduce those who are not familiar with Outlander to our Claire and Jamie. There is no need to direct these tweets at any particular handle. Tweets like “You are invited to the #OutlanderWedding at 9 pm ET/PT on Starz” and a great photo of Sam, Caitriona or both will be just perfect.

Once the episode begins, those who are forced to wait can continue the effort while those who are enjoying the episode watch, sigh, swoon, cry and squee in peace. We’re asking that after the episode airs, those in the eastern time zones (and those in the west with access to the eastern feed) watch again and live-tweet their reactions to what they are seeing using the #OutlanderWedding hash-tag. Between the west anticipating the wedding and the east re-living it, we should have a huge impact if we work together. In the west and don’t want to see spoilers? Stay on your “Notifications” tab and pout with the rest of the (temporarily) deprived.

The Nielsen company, who does the TV ratings, watches the Twitter feed and publishes which shows were talked about most on Twitter every day. Outlander was #1 on the day of the premiere and #3 last week. Let’s try to make it #1 again this week. Jamie and Claire deserve nothing less on their big day. We have heard conflicting reports about when Nielsen collects their data, but we do know that the time from the beginning of the first airing of the episode in the east until the end of the first airing of the episode in the west is monitored.

Basic Trending Guidelines:

Only accounts with more than 10 followers count toward trends. Send a tweet to @Reader_DG by midnight PDT on Friday if you need more followers and we’ll help you find more. Please follow your new followers back.

5 tweets each from 5000 accounts is more helpful than 50 tweets each from 500 accounts. Everyone can help.

A valid tweet for the trend needs 2 words plus the #OutlanderWedding hash-tag. A photo link probably counts as a word, but let’s play it safe.

There is some debate over whether multiple hash-tags in a single tweet are counted in trends. Again, let’s play it safe and only hash-tag #OutlanderWedding.

More than 100 tweets in an hour or 200 tweets in 2-3 hours will land you in Twitter Jail. (Yes, there IS such a thing.)

If your account is “locked” (your tweets are private), your tweets will not count in the trending effort or be seen by anyone but your followers.  Please go to your “Me” page and click the “gear” icon.  Then click “Settings” and then “Security and privacy.”  Then uncheck the box next to “Protect my tweets” and then click “save.”  You can go back after the event and lock your account again.

See you Saturday on the #OutlanderWedding feed!

5 thoughts on “You Are Invited to the #OutlanderWedding Twitter Party Saturday, Sept 20 8 pm – 1 am EDT, 5 pm – 10 pm PDT

  1. This week is taking so long to go by! Can’t wait for the #OutlanderWedding – I don’t know what I am going to do after Episode 8 ends and the long wait until 2015 for the next episodes…sigh!

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