The Minister’s Cats


Welcome back! First things first: a HUGE congratulations to Terry Dresbach, Anna Lau, and Nadine Powell for their Emmy nomination for costume design! It is so well-deserved and if you listen to the podcasts you really get a sense of how much thought, blood, sweat, and tears goes into this show’s costuming process.

E352EB2D-9B21-465E-A744-03800868C666 This is all pretty fabulous.

I know we all would have liked more nominations and recognition for the show’s other cast and crew members, but it’s just more motivation for us fans to promote Outlander, ensure it is introduced to a broader audience, and do all we can to improve ratings. Challenge accepted!

Want something that will cheer us up? Then let’s talk about Roger and Brianna, because I am about to explain to you why they will be the sweetest thing to hit North Carolina since Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

9058BBC1-D771-4262-94B0-8A3A625E97CC Seriously, they are so cute.


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