Getting Outlander the Great Publicity it Deserves

This post is mostly “lifted” from my good friend Laura Carmichael aka @LallybrochLaura.  Thanks, girlfriend!

Outlanders, I think this will have been posted before, yet it bears repeating now that Our Show is on the air.

I write this as someone who has watched the online metrics come through for Fortune 100 companies and competitors. The way interest is gauged is by how many viewers a given page (article, post, etc.) receives, AND by how many viewers take an action indicating interest (sharing that page, making a comment). We also look at how long a viewer spent on the page (from which it can be hoped more advertising or brand-building soaked in). Those things really do make a difference in what the company does next. So…

If you see an interesting article, do more than ‘favorite/like’ the tweet/post: –> Go to the originating site, and TWEET itSHARE it on Facebook, and Comment (if the page has Comments). <–

The more of us who do this, the more the provider of that content will know THERE IS INTEREST in Outlander – and then they are more likely to generate more coverage, and potentially better coverage, in the future.

Spending 10 minutes a day on this will help build and cultivate the Buzz that gets more subscribers for Starz (and more seasons of Outlander for all of us), so please let’s all keep up the good work!

And we can all pardon each other in advance for the seemingly redundant tweets and posts: Remember, every time we do this, a Highlander gets his Kilt. ;o)



7 thoughts on “Getting Outlander the Great Publicity it Deserves

  1. Wait. I thought the goal was to get highlanders OUT of their kilts?

    This information is applicable to all interests you’d like to promote. While Outlander sweeps the world, consider also finding a ‘mid-list’ or new author and see if you can start a revolution that could change his/her life. 🙂 How powerful would that feel?

  2. Please on graditude for the entire organization comprising Outlander. Great acting (Cailtriona is channeling Lauren Bacall on top of the nunaces and subtle flickers of emotion she presents extrordinarily well) Sam epitomizes the young enlighten warrior spirit. Beautiful scenery and soul pircing music. The crew that makes this, together, seem so real – my graditude!

  3. Have been checking Qutlander Ambassaders blog here & spending BIG PART of my days on “all things Outlander” & Outlander_Starz! Have been ordering sets of Outlander series novels in paperback to give to other ladies interested & even gave a set to my father-in-law, who actually devoured 5 of the novels in 2 weeks!! He went crazy for Diana’s books & parked his old Westerns, LOL! Don’t know about you all, but I had assumed men would not be interested in Claire & Jamie’s story, though there seem to be some men enjoying the Outlander_Starz show, including my hubby! So I won’t overlook males when glowingly working to generate interest in Outlander_Starz, for sure! Finally, someone blogged above about maybe it would be a good service to help another author gain some fame, good fortune & maybe a show later on…I think this is a wonderful idea! Who knows, it may encourage more young people to consider honing their talents in writing to make a living rather than getting discouraged and doing things that are not helpful to them. We live in a time with so much media that an AUTHOR can be as glamorous & rich as a movie star is! Diana Gabaldon, her “Outlander” novel series & now the exciting Outlander_Starz show have literally opened a Pandora’s box of opportunities that are spreading more all the time and even influencing people’s thoughts on the viability & reasonableness of a LIBERATED SCOTLAND as “Outlander_Starz” & hubbub puts the country in the daily consciousness of folks around the world who probably would never have given it a thought! LOL, “OutlanderAmbassadors” indeed! SO SORRY for getting carried away & saying too much, I apologize. I LOVE all my OUTLANDER SISTERS who over the past 23(!!!) years were curled up with Diana’s books or were feverishly waiting for a new one, not knowing each other but sensing others like myself were out there…was it the “fairries?”🍄🍄 Sweet dreams, Roberta Holmes @polswithvirtues

  4. Got it. But then I subscribe to almost everything & spend hours reading & commenting & posting so….. I am doing pretty good without knowing it! Glad my obsession is useful for something!

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