How Do We Start?

So you love the Outlander series of books? Are you incredibly excited about the upcoming TV show and want to do everything in your power to help it succeed? Are you waiting to see your favorite scene from book four brought to life?

Well we are too! We have a common goal, we want the show to do well and we want to see Outlander grow to a ripe old age that only rare TV shows ever actually make it to. So where do we start? Have any great ideas to spread the news?

So here is the plan:

  • Comment below to let us know you are on board
  • Leave an idea, if you have one
  • We will send this link to Starz PR and Outlander to get them on board and get official backing for our efforts.

So let’s bring our collective talents together and let the brainstorming begin.


322 thoughts on “How Do We Start?

  1. Awesome to be part of Outlander Ambassadors. My husband thinks I might me a tad bit crazy and I say yea, a wee bit. Most people here in Florida have come to know Outlander, cause my wee mouth has a sharp tongue that won’t stay put! HA!

  2. I love the Outlander series of books and I am thrilled about the TV series. The depth and beauty of the series on the tube is inspirational in comparison to other shows. I find the strength of the character Claire and her struggles to grow and love as a female a welcome change from other shows. I am a devoted fan in Northern California.

    1. Hi, I have posted 2 comments in last 1-2 months. I am a loyal and enthusiastic fan and follower and have read all the “Get Started” info sent me a few months ago. Can I consider myself part of Outlander Ambassadors?

      1. I think that’s a good question because in all honesty I don’t ever remember being told “officially” that I was one. If we are I’d like to know what we should be doing to promote the show/books other than what we do on our behalf on Twitter and Facebook.

  3. I’m thrilled to find Outlander Ambassadors! I’ve been on a mission for years to spread the word about the fabulous books and now the Starz series has been added to it. If there’s a cure for my obsession, please don’t tell me about it! It’s the best kind of crazy.

  4. OK so I finally get a chance to sit and say what i want. hate the fact cant put much on twitter. so when i read the Outlander series i had always wondered what was going through franks mind when clair went missing well we find out with Ron D Moore than what was going through Jamie’s mind after marring Clair, Ron D Moore gave us that. OK so not what we wanted to hear what went on with Jamie and his ordeal but Ron D Moore did it and did it well with the most wonderful actors i have seen in a long time, to put themselves in a dark situation but did it tastefully. when you read the book you can see it all and Ron D Moore had a challenge on his hands and had rose to the occasion as well as the actors. so as i end this you have to admit that everyone has portade there parts to the utmost and they are each character from the book. yes everyone from cast, crew, writers, directors, producers all deserve an Emmy

  5. Count me in to keep this going! I am completely in love with this story. I was born when the first book was published. I found the show and started reading and now I am an Outlander fan for life. Greetings and love from Portugal :*

  6. Have been a fan for 25 yrs. bought my first copy while on vacation in no. Carolina. Have been hooked ever since and waited (Im)patiently for each new book. Have the greatest respect for Diana Gabaldon. Have never found an author who can compare to her. I’m hoping Starz will continue with all the books and Ron Moore will continue to keep us captivated with his production.

    1. I have only been into “Outlander” for 2 years but I am so happy I found this series. Diana Gabaldon is one of the most interesting writers I have ever read and I’m an English major! She has such an interesting structure to her writing style and boy, does she keep you interested! I hope Starz coninues with all 8 books and hopefully Herself will add some more to the series before the series ends.

  7. I have recently discovered the Outlander Series. Diana Gabaldon is a talented writer and it is truly an honor to read her books. I live in the United States. I am truly amazed that I had never read the books or watched the television series. It would be wonderful if Mrs. Gabaldon and the cast of the Outlander series could appear on the many American talk shows. That would provide an excellent source of exposure to a targeted market. There is no doubt that there are many individuals who would welcome such well written novels. I also believe the ratings for the Outlander Series on the Starz Network would greatly benefit from this type of exposure as well. So much talent and hard work could only be received with graciousness. The history alone is accurate and educational. I live in Fayetteville, NC , which is referred to Cross Creek and Cape Fear in Diana s books. I attended Cape Fear High School and the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. What a delightful surprise to discover these locations played pivotal roles in the books. I live one mile from the Cape Fear River. Please do all possible to get the exposure deserved here in the states. If i can assist in any way, please let me know.Thanks for all you do. I feel so strongly about the quality of everything Outlander, I may see if there’s a process to apply for an Ambassador position. Keep up the good work. Outlander is on it’s a straight to the top!

  8. For years I’ve been telling people about this really great series of books…….and since the series started on tv it’s been eye-opening to find out how many fans there really are. What’s really amazing is how many ‘manly’ men are huge fans of the show and have read all the books…….and not all of them are married to women who knew about Outlander. I had a construction worker tell me a few weeks ago that he introduced his wife to Outlander. Love it!!!

    1. That’s what we love to hear about. Love it too! Some are shocked to hear men watch & have read book series but why, it definitely has something for everyone. Spread the #Outlander LOVE

  9. I’m also not sure I arrived here on this site, but I’ll do what I can! Love the show, I’ve worn out my family, trying to get them to watch. I invite friends over to watch my DVD of season one, and haven’t had one not want to come back! In May, I talked my husband into a trip to Scotland to see the filming sites, and can’t wait to go back. I had no idea it was possible to be homesick for someplace where I had only spent a week!

    Such a beautiful story, that only the perfect combination of writing, casting, and imagination could have created.

    I can’t wait to see what they do with season 2!

    1. Outlander Ambassador TY for keeping us updated ☆ We are a community and should feel free to interact re: #Outlander Book&Series info etc ☆in a positive manner☆looking forward to S2 On Dec 27, 2015 8:28 PM, “Outlander Ambassadors” wrote:

      > Betty Fulgham commented: “I’m also not sure I arrived here on this site, > but I’ll do what I can! Love the show, I’ve worn out my family, trying to > get them to watch. I invite friends over to watch my DVD of season one, and > haven’t had one not want to come back! In May, I talked ” >

  10. Uma excelente série que mistura o romance com factos históricos. Temporada 2 só em abril. Estou rendida e desejosa pela nova temporada! De Portugal desejo a todos um Próspero Ano Novo 2016!

  11. Happy to be a part of the Outlander family, I’m breezing through the books which I love!! Can’t wait for season 2!

  12. At the People’s Choice Awards Outlander beat Game of
    Thrones (!), but were only allowed a few seconds offstage in acknowledgment. Is it because the series is regarded by the uninformed as only a “romance” novel? I’ve watch two award shows already with no onstage moment for Outlander’s wins and hope tonite is different!

    1. Not really sure either. We’re nominated in the Sci-Fi category and PCA’s are only 2 hours long, so of course they go for the top TV and movie categories. Hopefully as Outlander has a few season under it’s belt we’ll play with the big boys. 🙂

  13. Avid outlander fan of the books and TV series. Also have purchased numerous outlander items from the outlander store. Would love to be part of your group. You can check me out on Twitter @TGEdwards. Thank you

  14. I love both Outlander the book series and the TV Show. Hoping S2 will bring more fans to the World of Outlander. Sharing my love of Outlander with others is such a joy to me. I am @TXBluebonnet66 & @TexasLasses on Twitter. 😊

  15. Would you be willing to post a fundraiser, that I’m working on with Caitriona Balfe’s charity, World Child Cancer. The fundraiser date isn’t set yet, just trying to get support first. Thanks if you can help,

  16. Discovered Outlander when advertisements showed up on my newsfeed during summer of 2014 and never looked back. Celebrated my 70th birthday slightly early by going to Scotland in October solo, saw some filming sites and fell in love with Scotland. I started an Outlander Book Club where I live last April, meeting monthly to discuss the books and the show. Am I obsessed? You want to see my Outlander wall? All of this being said, I’m thrilled to death that Starz is showing S1 & S2 starting this week until S3 starts; thank you so much for this! I do what I can to be a positive light for Outlander to my friends and strangers alike several of whom are now fans too.

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