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It’s Time to VOTE for the 2016 Anglophile Channel Awards!

Originally posted on The Anglophile Channel:
The Third Annual Anglophile Channel Awards Are Here!  We are excited to announce that VOTING is open for the 2016 Favorite British Artists of the Year! Plus some exciting SURPRISES! British Artists Reigned Supreme British artists continued to dominate all areas of entertainment in 2016, enjoying success in film, television,…


January Outlander Twitter Parties

  Golden Globes Countdown Clock: http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?p0=137&iso=20160110T16&msg=Golden%20Globe%20awards-%20starting%20with%20Red%20Carpet%20Event It’s a verra exciting time to be an Outlander fan with all the awards Outlander could win in January, but it’s a verra nervous time too, right? What can we do with all the nervous energy? How about some Twitter parties? The evenings of the award shows while we’re awaiting…… Continue reading January Outlander Twitter Parties

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Current #Outlander Voting Links on our Facebook Page

Check out the Current #Outlander Voting Links on our Facebook Page: Follow us on Facebook to stay updated on current Outlander related Voting and Poll Information. Having fun with a serious purpose so exercise those fingers this wards season is non-stop. Of course, we are UNSTOPPABLE…we only Do EPIC Shit, AYE! #TOTHECAR Caisteal Dhuni! (OK, MacKenzies…… Continue reading Current #Outlander Voting Links on our Facebook Page


Twitter Tips and Scheduling Tutorial for #SassenachNews

#SassenachNews UK Outlander DVD/Blu-Ray Release TWITTER PARTY! Let’s Trend This Worldwide! @SonyPicsAtHome has asked the UK fans for a Twitter party on Oct 1st at 8-10pmBST/3-5pmET/Noon-2pmPT and Oct 2nd 5-7amAEST to celebrate the release of the DVD/Blu-Ray set and has asked for worldwide participation. The hash-tag is ‪#‎SassenachNews‬. Unfortunately Sony is only offering prizing to UK…… Continue reading Twitter Tips and Scheduling Tutorial for #SassenachNews


#AskMaril Travels to Visit Australia & New Zealand Outlanders

https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/597778942565752832 Maril Davis from Tall Ship Productions was kind enough to do a Q & A for the Australia & New Zealand Outlander Fans. https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598054296756838400 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598054891161047040 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598055018927955968 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598055195311001600 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598055365138325505 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598055487117074433 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598055584739491840 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598055765115588608 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598055916454412288 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598056055432728576 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598056174982946816 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598056353156980737 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598056486540070912 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598056689724698624 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598056945044557824 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598057175081209856 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598057375334047744 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598057626996494337 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598057763701444608 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598057901773684736 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598058070359564288 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598058275356180480 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598058602126016512 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598058776961355777 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598059348204593152 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598059461153071104 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598059565343744003 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598059766045396992 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598059935201624064 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598060121474932737 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598060281395290112 https://twitter.com/TallShipProds/status/598060430913855488…… Continue reading #AskMaril Travels to Visit Australia & New Zealand Outlanders

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Tulach Ard! TV’s Top Couple Tournament 2015: Elite 8 Round

Tulach Ard! There’s a battle going on, multiple fan groups voting against us. They DO NOT want to go up against #Outlander in the next rounds. Plus, remember our history with E!News (Hottie of the Week). Multi-Tab Voting: Open link 10x (12+ if you want) pause a bit between to let tabs load &… Continue… Continue reading Tulach Ard! TV’s Top Couple Tournament 2015: Elite 8 Round