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Check out the Current #Outlander Voting Links on our Facebook Page:

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Caisteal Dhuni! (OK, MacKenzies – Tulach Ard!)

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Multi Tab Voting for Radio Times SCI-FI & FANTASY CHAMPION 2015. Finals close Wednesday, August 19th 16:00 (4:00pm) BST,  11:00am ET, 8:00am PT and Thursday, Aug 20 1:00am AEST Find you time zone here:

Right Click on link and choose “open in incognito window” or Copy this link and Paste to new tab in your browser:

Leave that tab load and open another tab, paste, repeat. Once you have 8-10+ tabs open,  VOTE VOTE VOTE FOR SAM!

#SciFiChampion #TOTHECAR

Caisteal Dhuni! (OK, MacKenzies – Tulach Ard!)

Emmys for Outlander? A Contest for Fans? Yes to both, of course.

The day we’ve been waiting for is tomorrow with the #EmmysForOutlander event kicking off at 10 am Pacific Time. Find the time in your area here:

Twitter has been described as walking down the street talking to yourself and hoping that someone is listening, so tomorrow we can trend by talking to each other or we can bring more voices into the conversation.

Our lovely Swedish friends have given us this compilation of reviews and recaps.

OUTLANDER REVIEWS from our Swedish Cousins

Take a few minutes tonight and read some, so you’ll know which writers and publications you’d like to thank for proving that Outlander is indeed Emmy-worthy. Add the hash-tag and tweet. Here are some examples:

@megsokay @decider Thanks for this GIF Gallery of #EmmysForOutlander highlights.

@EW @EZWrites Knowing how stingy you are with grades, we’ll celebrate this A- at midseason. #EmmysForOutlander

@RobynRossTVG @TVGuide Thanks for the great coverage of Fan Favorite Outlander this season. #EmmysForOutlander

@USATODAY @MichelleMonkou Loved your insightful coverage of The Reckoning. #EmmysForOutlander

@lauinla @Variety TY for a great analysis of why @caitrionambalfe and @SamHeughan are Emmy-worthy. #EmmysForOutlander





(Yes, those are Jamie and Claire soaps from SkinSations. They smell great.)





1. Participate in the Twitter event on June 15 either live or via scheduling.

2. Thank a reviewer or media outlet (don’t forget Access Hollywood, E! News and other TV shows, BTW) for their coverage of Outlander.

3. Be creative, interesting or otherwise compelling enough to get a RETWEET or REPLY from a media outlet, reviewer or journalist.

4. Supply the URL, get a screenshot or copy the reply or retweet and send an e-mail to The deadline is 10 am PDT on Tuesday, June 16.

5. We will award one prize for every 10 minutes #EmmysForOutlander trends. Winners will be chosen at random. The winner who got a retweet or reply from the account with the most followers will receive first choice of prize and so on until all prizes are awarded.

Those who have brought us Outlander have done their part to earn Emmys. Now it’s our turn to help. #TOTHECAR

Twitter Safety Tips

As we move into the #EmmysForOutlander effort next Monday, June 15, at 10 am Pacific Time (11 am MDT, 12 noon CDT, 1 pm EDT, 6 pm BST, 7 pm CEST, 8 pm EEST, 1 am AWST, 3 am AEST, 5 am NZST), we want to share a couple of tips. The Twitter account you save could be your own.

1. If you tweet too many handles you do not follow over the course of the effort or if you copy and paste too many tweets, your account could be suspended. This is serious, as that account could be gone for good.

To avoid this – follow entertainment writers and media outlets (websites, magazines, TV shows) which have covered Outlander this year and favorite or reply to a tweet or two before next Monday. Be careful! If you follow too many at once, that can draw the attention of the Twitter Police too, so limit yourself to 10-20 new follows every day this week.

We will have sample tweets for you to copy and paste. You can copy and paste a few, but after that you’ll need to change things up a little by adding a space somewhere in the tweet, moving the handle (the @part) to the end of the tweet, changing “and” to “&” or other little changes.

2. If you do more than 100 tweets in an hour or more than 200 in a couple of hours, you’ll end up in Twitter Jail and be prevented from tweeting for 1-2 hours. It’s Twitter’s way of reminding you to tend to your real life. Consider it a time-out. It has no long-term ramifications, but you won’t be able to help the effort anymore on Monday.

One more note on Twitter safety: If your account is “locked” (your tweets are protected), you will NOT be able to help with the trend effort. Before we start tweeting, click the thumbnail of your profile pic in the upper righthand corner on Twitter, click “Settings,” click “Security and privacy” and uncheck the box next to “Protect my tweets.” You can go back after the effort and check the box to protect your tweets again.

Let’s be careful out there! Caisteal Dhuni! OK, MacKenzies – Tulach Ard!

The One Where They Did HERSELF Proud


A Must Read Outlander Ep115 Wentworth Prison Review – now anticipating the 2015-2016 Award season. SQUEEE!

Originally posted on OutlanderDreaming:

Review Banner

Every word that Diana Gabaldon wrote was painted perfectly on to our television screens last night in ‘Wentworth Prison’ by every single member of the cast and crew of Outlander. I am just a simple gal from the Midwest who likes to about what appeals to me, and what I feel passion for. Outlander is just but one of those things.

View original 1,948 more words

Twitter Tips and Scheduling Tutorial for #SassenachNews

#SassenachNews UK Outlander DVD/Blu-Ray Release TWITTER PARTY! Let’s Trend This Worldwide!
@SonyPicsAtHome has asked the UK fans for a Twitter party on Oct 1st at 8-10pmBST/3-5pmET/Noon-2pmPT and Oct 2nd 5-7amAEST to celebrate the release of the DVD/Blu-Ray set and has asked for worldwide participation. The hash-tag is ‪#‎SassenachNews‬. Unfortunately Sony is only offering prizing to UK addresses. But this is an excellent oppurtunity to promote #Outlander and that what we do. TULACH ARD! Remember ONLY use hashtag in memes until start of event.

Time Zone Converter Link:

Quick Twitter Tutorial

  • #Hashtag is how the system tracks topics and makes it easier for you to find out what people are saying about things that interest you.
  • Your “Home” page is like your Facebook newsfeed, where all the tweets from everyone you follow appear.
  • Your “Notifications” page is like your e-mail inbox. Any time someone uses your @name or responds in any way to your tweets, it will be here.
  • Your “Me” page is where all of your tweets, followers, everyone you’re following and the photos/video you’ve tweeted are. It’s like your Facebook profile
  • “Reply” symbol Reply
  • “ReTweet” (RT)  & QuoteTweet (QT) symbol RTQT
  • “Favorite” symbol STAR

You don’t have to direct a tweet to anyone. You can just tweet: “Can’t wait to watch Outlander on the newly released DVD/Blu-Ray by Sony #SassenachNews” and everyone who follows you will see it.

If you start a tweet with @name (@OutlanderAmbass), only people who follow both of you will see it on their Home pages, but the system will still see it and it will register for trending if it has the #SassenachNews in it.

During trending events, go to the gray “Search Twitter” box in the upper right hand side of your “Home” page. Enter #SassenachNews  hit “Enter” and then click on “All”.

This is where the party happens. You’ll be able to see all of the tweets LIVE. If you see a tweet you really like, you can use “Reply” to tell the person something like “Great comment about “#SassenachNews” or “Favorite” it by clicking on the Star or “QuoteTweet” it by clicking on the bent arrows. (All of these are at the bottom of each tweet.) If you click on ReTweet, it does not count for trending, so we want to avoid those in Twitter drives but the tweet will go out to all of your followers and be saved on your “Me” page for you to enjoy later. You can also copy and paste the tweet and add the letters RT to your own tweet.

Trend Drives:

  • You need an Unlocked Account (change privacy settings, you can revert back once drive is over).
  • Use only ONE hash-tag per tweet. More hash-tags are seen as spam and don’t count.
  • You need Two Words plus a #hashtag for it to count as a valid tweet.  Add a photo if you like but say something.
  • DO NOT RETWEET (these do not count towards trending) QuoteTweet or  Copy and Paste.
  • You need at least 10 Followers (Need more send @Reader_DG a tweet and we will get you the followers)


Unable to LIVE Tweet for whatever reason, and miss out on being in the loop.  Scheduling is your answer.

Use either Hootsuite or Twuffer to schedule all your tweets, these are free for basic use.

You can attach links and photo’s, plus add up to 3 accounts in Hootsuite:

You can only add links in Twuffer:

  • Before you start “Log in” to your twitter account in your browser.
  • Open either Hootsuite or Twuffer, click “sign in with twitter” then click “Authorize App”
  • When scheduling select the correct Time Zone.  Then proceed to write your tweet as you would on twitter remembering only one hash-tag #BlackJackIsBack  (copy&paste the hash-tag for correct spelling)
  • Select “Schedule” and choose correct time and date for when the show airs in your country.
  • If you are scheduling for a Trending effort.  Try to schedule a minimum of 10 but not more than 30 tweets.

#AskMaril Travels to Visit Australia & New Zealand Outlanders

Maril Davis from Tall Ship Productions was kind enough to do a Q & A for the Australia & New Zealand Outlander Fans.

Happy Birthday 

She loved us so much she could not stop :)

And then Matt decided to join in :)

The amazing Maril then continued to answer some tweets the next morning, that she did not get to the night before!

Link to #AskMaril hash-tag Convo:

Outlander has the BEST CREW EVER!