Twitter Safety Tips

As we move into the #EmmysForOutlander effort next Monday, June 15, at 10 am Pacific Time (11 am MDT, 12 noon CDT, 1 pm EDT, 6 pm BST, 7 pm CEST, 8 pm EEST, 1 am AWST, 3 am AEST, 5 am NZST), we want to share a couple of tips. The Twitter account you save could be your own.

1. If you tweet too many handles you do not follow over the course of the effort or if you copy and paste too many tweets, your account could be suspended. This is serious, as that account could be gone for good.

To avoid this – follow entertainment writers and media outlets (websites, magazines, TV shows) which have covered Outlander this year and favorite or reply to a tweet or two before next Monday. Be careful! If you follow too many at once, that can draw the attention of the Twitter Police too, so limit yourself to 10-20 new follows every day this week.

We will have sample tweets for you to copy and paste. You can copy and paste a few, but after that you’ll need to change things up a little by adding a space somewhere in the tweet, moving the handle (the @part) to the end of the tweet, changing “and” to “&” or other little changes.

2. If you do more than 100 tweets in an hour or more than 200 in a couple of hours, you’ll end up in Twitter Jail and be prevented from tweeting for 1-2 hours. It’s Twitter’s way of reminding you to tend to your real life. Consider it a time-out. It has no long-term ramifications, but you won’t be able to help the effort anymore on Monday.

One more note on Twitter safety: If your account is “locked” (your tweets are protected), you will NOT be able to help with the trend effort. Before we start tweeting, click the thumbnail of your profile pic in the upper righthand corner on Twitter, click “Settings,” click “Security and privacy” and uncheck the box next to “Protect my tweets.” You can go back after the effort and check the box to protect your tweets again.

Let’s be careful out there! Caisteal Dhuni! OK, MacKenzies – Tulach Ard!

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