Tweeting for Outlander Good (and Swag) – It’s what we do

I’m sure many of us had the same reaction when the news broke earlier this week that Lightbox in New Zealand and HBO in The Netherlands had secured the rights to air Outlander and that fans in those countries will be able to watch by the end of August – absolute joy, maybe a few happy tears followed by complete devastation on behalf of the fans in the UK.

Outlandish UK has set a Twitter event for August 6 from 8-10 pm UTC+1, which is noon – 2 pm in the Pacific Time Zone, 1-3 pm in Mountain, 2-4 pm in Central, 3-5 pm in Eastern, 9-11 pm in CEST, 5-7 am on August 7 in AEST, and 7-9 am in NZST.  They have asked us to tweet #UKTVNeedsOutlander to a list of networks, which will be published with suggested tweets by Monday, August 4 at 8 pm Pacific Time.

If we succeed in getting #UKTVNeedsOutlander to trend during this time, Outlander Ambassadors will award an Outlander Starz bandana and “The Kilt Drops” mini-poster via random draw to one participant in the Twitter drive.  There are no geographical restrictions.


If the UK deal is announced before the event, we will cancel the event and award the prize via random draw to someone who tweets #ThankYou(Name of Network) to that network’s handle within 24 hours of the announcement.


If you’ve participated in any of our Twitter drives, you have almost certainly tweeted “When Outlander airs, I will do everything in my power to help ensure it’s a hit.”  It’s time to make good on that promise.  We have a golden opportunity this coming weekend with the official premiere on Starz.  I’ve tried live-tweeting during True Blood for the past few weeks and found it very difficult.  We’ll all have seen the first episode multiple times by August 9 at 9 pm Eastern time, so it’s the perfect time to try to trend #Outlander during a first-run episode, which is crucial to making Twitter impact ratings.  If #Outlander trends between 9-10 pm Eastern time (8-9 pm Central, 7-8 pm Mountain, 6-7 pm Pacific), we will award a second bandana/mini-poster set again via random draw to a participant.


One more chance to help ensure Outlander is a hit (and win a bandana/mini-poster set) is via tvtag, which is an entertainment-based social media networking site.  They have their own trending system, based on check-ins to shows.  If Outlander trends at #1 during the official premiere on August 9, we will award the prize.  Helix typically trended at #1 there when it was on-air, so this is very do-able.  Tvtag is highly interactive, so we have a very real chance to get viewers to change the channel and sample Outlander.  You can check in via the website, http://www.tvtag.com or via the free app.  Please familiarize yourself with tvtag now and check in at 9 pm Eastern on August 9.


Don’t forget the meme/video contest we are running right now.  E-mail your entries to OutlanderAmbass@gmail.com by August 5 at midnight Eastern time. 

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