Symbolism and that Pearl Necklace

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If you had to choose an object that’s symbolic of your life, what would it be? Perhaps a 15th century castle to house your romantic thoughts and dreams. Something as fine and fragile as the papery petals of a poppy might represent your current state of mind. Or, maybe a three-masted ship carries your desire to be more adventurous and explore the great unknown.

yellow (2) Photo Credit:  Pinterest.com

Claire is hovering between the surnames of Randall and Fraser when we hear her speak about a pearl necklace in Season One’s The Wedding. We hear her thoughts as she glides into the Registry Office with Frank, then looks at her reflection in a mirror while she waits for Jamie.

Registry Photo credit:  outlander.wikia.com

look Photo Credit:  Outlander

You forget your life after a while. The life you had before. Things you cherish and hold dear are like pearls on a string. Cut…

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