#OutlanderPremiere Voyager Live-Tweeting Event

Live-tweeting episodes together is one of our best tools in the eternal quest for #OutlanderWorldDomination and fandom fun. There are few thrills as great as seeing an #Outlander hash-tag or character (like Wee Roger) trend on Twitter.

Starz is sneaky. The countdown clock (http://www.outlandercommunity.com) ends at midnight Eastern on Saturday night. (That’s 9 pm Pacific!) This means that “The Battle Joined” will be available On Demand and probably on streaming services well before 8 pm Eastern on Sunday. (Let that sink in. Droughtlander is ending 20 hours earlier than we thought. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!)

Here’s the plan: Let’s all watch The Battle Joined early. Watch the first time for the feels, the second for the story and the third time to look for opportunities to tweet. (Personally, I like to create a little copy and paste document so I can watch the show with one eye and the feed with the other and still tweet my squees and snark while replying to other people in the feed.)

Starz has given us #OutlanderPremiere as our hash-tag for Sunday. A few minutes before 8 pm Eastern on Sunday, put #OutlanderPremiere in the “Search” box on Twitter and hit enter. Then select “Latest” in the upper left-hand corner of the feed. That will show you the tweets from everyone tweeting using our hash-tag in real time. Then watch the show, see what others are saying and add your own voice. Hopefully, we’ll trend and people who are on Twitter at that time will switch over to Starz and get hooked. #OutlanderWorldDomination #FandomFun

Note: Please don’t use #OutlanderPremiere openly on Twitter before Sunday evening, as we will be more likely to trend if the hash-tag seems to suddenly appear spontaneously. (You can tell your friends in memes or TwitLonger posts to alert them. K?)

See you Sunday on the #OutlanderPremiere hash-tag.


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