11041102_10152697335786949_499087292104547570_n.jpgDid you know that the Nielsen Company (yes, the TV ratings people) monitors Twitter chatter about shows for a few hours before and after each first-run episode of all the shows on TV? We did Outlander proud last year and it’s time for us to rise to the challenge again.

Are you almost DYING trying to force yourself to wait until Saturday to watch the first new episode? There’s NO reason to wait. Watch. Cry. Swoon. Boo. Hiss. (The Comte!) Repeat as needed. On Saturday at 9 pm Eastern (6 pm Pacific) watch again and live-tweet with us for fun and for the Nielsen Twitter ratings.

A few minutes before the official start time, go to Twitter and search #Outlander then choose “Live” on the top menu. That will give you all the tweets in real time. When the episode starts, tweet your reactions. I think I’ll start with “You bloody man. I knew you’d make me cry. #Outlander” (I cry easily.) Watch the show with an occasional glance at the feed. Reply to someone you don’t follow (yet.) RT and add a comment of your own. Tweet screenshots. Be funny. Be moving. Be heard.

Of course we always want to trend and that’s a very real possibility this week but let’s make Nielsen sit up and take notice too, OK? Remember the usual trend rules – 2 words plus the hash-tag, fewer tweets from more accounts are better than more tweets from fewer accounts and a screenshot is worth a thousand characters (and a Starz watermarked photo is worth more than that).

We have several copies of TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly. We’ll offer one to a random fan based on our standing on Nielsen on Sunday according to this formula: 1 winner if we’re 5th, 2 if we’re 4th, 3 if we’re 3rd, 4 if we’re 2nd and 5 if we win the night.




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