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Note to STARZ

First – I apologize. This is long again but it’s what I felt I needed to say.

I have made no secret of my thoughts about this show and the fandom surrounding it. Most of my blog posts have been observations about the Outlander fandom as it is the first and pretty much only fandom I’m really involved with. This fandom can and does do EPIC shit! The money that has been raised for extremely worthy charities, the hundreds of people that have gotten healthier thanks not only to Sam and his Peak Challenge in conjunction with Bear Strength – but the care and support of the fans for each other to strive to reach their fitness goals, support each other in times of trial, rejoice with each other in triumph. This is an amazing group of people and I feel blessed to be part of it – most of…

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One thought on “THANK YOU STARZ

  1. I am a true Outlander fan. Lucky to have read all 8 books in the 3 months leading up to the Starz premiere (8/2014)….so I hadn’t been waiting 20 years like some! I adored the novels…and the show…well, it is simply superb!! From the casting to the acting to the scenery and wonderful depiction of the rich Scottish heritage/history. Bravo!!!!!! I am hooked in all ways possible. Can’t wait for Season 2……and beyond!!!

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