January Outlander Twitter Parties

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Golden Globes Countdown Clock: http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?p0=137&iso=20160110T16&msg=Golden%20Globe%20awards-%20starting%20with%20Red%20Carpet%20Event

It’s a verra exciting time to be an Outlander fan with all the awards Outlander could win in January, but it’s a verra nervous time too, right?

What can we do with all the nervous energy? How about some Twitter parties?

The evenings of the award shows while we’re awaiting the announcements, let’s tweet photos, quotes, screenshots, links to articles and good reviews, and just plain squee. I can’t wait to tweet about corn grinding, barbecues, left vs right hands, wool waulking and lots of photos of our gorgeous cast. Sharing the Outlander love – it’s what we do.

The awards kick off with People’s Choice on January 6 at 9 pm Eastern/8 pm Central on CBS. Last year, there was online coverage of the red carpet. We’ll add the time and URL when more information is available.

On January 6, starting with the red carpet coverage online, let’s tweet using #OutlanderPCA2016. As always, a valid tweet for trending is at least two words in addition to the hash-tag, plus a photo if you’d like. Try to make your tweets interesting and informative. If we trend and people are curious enough to click on the hash-tag, we want to make sure they’re intrigued enough to seek Outlander out.

WHEN Outlander, Sam and Cait win, the hash-tag is #WinnerWinnerHaggisDinner. Tweet it a couple of times (with a couple of words and a photo) at the time of the announcement and then let it disappear. We trended it last year.

The Golden Globes are on January 10 from 8-11 pm Eastern on NBC. Let’s save all of our great tweets from the People’s Choice Awards for a repeat performance with the hash-tag #KiltedGlobes. (Intriguing, no?) Once again, we start with any red carpet coverage and celebrate wins with #WinnerWinnerHaggisDinner.

PLEASE don’t use the hash-tags on Twitter (outside of memes and TwitLongers) before the event. (That can prevent a trend.)

Outlander Ambassadors will be offering prizes for each hash-tag we manage to trend.

We have lots to SQUEEE about this year!

January 6 ~ People’s Choice Awards

Update: Outlander won Sci-Fi Best Show and Caitriona Balfe won Sci-Fi Best Actress – SQUEEE!

  • Tweet:  #OutlanderPCA2016
  • Red Carpet Live Stream on peopleschoice.com
  • CBS “42nd People’s Choice Awards” 9:00-11:00 pm Eastern/8:00-10:00 pm Central/9:00-11:00 pm Pacific (delayed)
  • Announcement of  Wins tweet: #WinnerWinnerHaggisDinner

January 10 ~ Golden Globes

  • Tweet: #KiltedGlobes
  • E! Red Carpet Coverage starts at: 3:00-7:00 pm Pacific/3:00-7:00 pm Central/4:00-8:00 pm Eastern
  • E! After Party Coverage 8:00pm PST/9:00pm MST/10:00 pm CST/11:00 pm EST
  • NBC Red Carpet Pre-Show 4:00-5:00 pm Pacific/5:00-6:00 pm Mountain/6:00-7:00 pm Central/7:00-8:00 pm Eastern
  • NBC “The 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards” 5:00-8:00 pm Pacific/6:00-9:00 pm Mountain/7:00-10:00 pm Central/8:00-11:00 pm Eastern
  • Announcement of Wins tweet: #WinnerWinnerHaggisDinner

Time Zone Calculator:  http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html


4 thoughts on “January Outlander Twitter Parties

  1. Help! Your column of tweets is blocking the left side of this page, so I can’t read the article!! How do I make that go away?

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the image KiltedGlobes connotes, it seems, as if centered around Sam? And he’s not even nominated. How does it relate to Tobias or Caitriona? I get that it fits the Highlander kilt image people may have of Scotland. One more thought: There’s been a lot of discussion around the worn out question that Sam gets from interviewers about what’s under his kilt. If I recall, I think it was ComicCon where Ron attempted to get the interviewer to move on from that inappropriate question. And of course she didn’t respect his request. I’d like to believe the fandom-at-large has matured to the point that it no longer wants to — at least seem to — support disrespecting Sam. We respect the actor, the man. For me…it seems disingenuous to complain to reporters on one hand…but on the other hand continue to call attention to “true Scotsman” status. JMHO

    1. Hi Kate! Yes, we are very, verra disappointed Sam wasn’t nominated too.:( That question does come up a lot and certain that’s why he no loner wears one in public. But…the show was and kilts are worn. Plus, we love hashtag that will draw interest to Outlander so #KiltedGlobes was born (#WinnerWinnerHaggisDinner was a huge hit) and hopefully the Clan can get it to trend. You’re certainly are entitled to your opinion and so glad you left a comment. See you at the Globes.

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