#FranceNeedsOutlander Twitter Party Report

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#FranceNeedsOutlander Twitter Party

December 7th 2015

 Cliquez ici pour la version française


The #FranceNeedsOutlander twitter campaign was targeted to French and Belgian TV channels to make them aware of the high level of interest in the Outlander TV series, in hopes that one of the channels would quickly acquire broadcasting rights. The series is already on TV screens in most Western countries, with a French language version that began airing in Switzerland in mid-November, in addition to the highly anticipated release announced for January 2016 in French-speaking Canada.

Our campaign was initially scheduled on November 16th and we began promoting it on this blog on the 10th. Due to the events in Paris on November 13th, it was rescheduled for December 7th. The campaign was designed in French and in English right from the start, as we were counting on the support…

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