Multi-Tab Voting for #OutlanderPCA2017

This is the most efficient way we’ve found to vote from a computer. Rotating among 4 categories, you’re unlikely to hit speeds that could result in getting your IP banned from voting, but be careful. If you feel like you’re turning into a bot, you might be voting like one. Take a short break occasionally, OK?

Start by copying this link: http://vote.peopleschoice.com/#!/home/all/17/2

Paste it into 5-10 tabs. (This is Firefox.)


Click on Outlander. It will turn green then click on “Cast Votes” in the lower right-hand corner.


As soon as you get the acknowledgement screen below, close that tab and move on to the next tab. Continue until you get to the last tab, vote it, then copy the link into another 5-10 tabs.


After you’ve voted Favorite TV Show for awhile, switch to this link for Favorite Premium Sci-Fi/Fantasy Series:


and repeat the process.

For Sam and Cait, start here:


Open 5-10 tabs for Sam and vote each one in turn but DO NOT close these tabs after voting for Sam. (This is what it looks like in Google Chrome.)

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 9.01.10 AM

Return to your first tab and you’ll see Cait’s category. This time, click Caitriona Balfe, “Cast Votes” and close each tab after voting.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 9.02.34 AM

Open 5-10 more tabs and repeat, repeat, repeat. I suggest listening to the Outlander soundtracks for inspiration.

Need more inspiration?

rtr4khv5 (1)

Don’t forget to enter to win Outlander cover issues of Entertainment Weekly and TVGuide here:


Caisteal Dhuni! OK, MacKenzies – Tulach Ard!



4 thoughts on “Multi-Tab Voting for #OutlanderPCA2017

  1. Even better idea: Open 12-16 tabs on your browser, since there are 4 categories that we are currently voting for. Set 1/4 of them to the link to vote for Sam, 1/4 to the link for Cait, 1/4 for the link for favorite Sci FI show, and 1/4 for favorite TV show. I like to do it in groups, so it goes Sam-Cait-SciFi-TV in that order. (I also open another tab for my general purpose web browsing.) Go into the settings of your browser, and change it so it opens the currently open set of tabs each time the browser opens. In Chrome, you do this by going into the menu (upper right, 3 dots or 3 lines stacked on top of each other), then choosing Settings. Under “On Startup,” choose “Set Pages” next to the option for “Open a specific page or set of pages.” Choose “Use current pages” from the bottom left of the dialog box that opens, then choose OK. Firefox, Safari, IE, and Edge will all have similar processes.

    Click through each tab and place your vote. When you get to the last tab, close your browser and open it again. Voila! Your tabs are all open and ready to vote again.

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