Multi-tab Voting for The Anglophile Channel Awards

The Anglophile Channel indicated today in a comment that Sam and Caitriona are making their races “very tough,” which we’re pretty sure is TAC-speak for they are winning at this point. Yay for us, but it doesn’t count until we are winning all 3 races at 11:59 pm PST on January 9, ken?

Personally, I hate using the “return to poll” option to vote repeatedly because I have to scroll around to find the category again, open the poll, scroll and vote. Inefficient, right? So, I’ve taken a page out of our People’s Choice Awards strategy and tried using multiple tabs. It works.

Copy this link: http://theanglophilechannel.com/2015-favorite-british-artist-of-the-year-awards-fan-vote/

Open a tab and paste the link there. Leave that tab be for a minute and open another tab, paste, repeat. Once you have 8-10 tabs open, scroll to Cait’s category, vote it, scroll to Sam’s first category, vote it, then scroll to Sam’s second category and vote that one too. Then close that tab. Go to the next tab you have open and repeat until you’ve voted all 3 categories in each tab. Repeat.

The Anglophile Channel Awards are based 100% on fan votes. We know how to win this stuff. We’ve proven it.

Caisteal Dhuni! (OK, MacKenzies – Tulach Ard!)


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