Caitriona Balfe – BBC America’s Woman of the Year


By now, we have all seen this comment on every contest in the Anglophenia women’s tournament, except Cait vs. Rosamund Pike.

No one wants Cait to have the out-of-body experience Sam did when he won last week more than we do.

We DO need to remember that all of these contests are a means to make Outlander more visible, increase viewership and ratings and help to ensure as many seasons as there is story to be told. Making enemies in other fandoms will hurt the show. We need to be gracious in all of dealings with the other fandoms, no matter how badly the provoke us. Comment on the threads VERY sparingly and stay on our message: “Cait is bringing a character some of us have loved for over 20 years to life and doing it brilliantly. Watch the show. Read the books. Join the clan.”

As far as trying to influence other match-ups ourselves, just remember when we helped Reign get into the finals in #FallTVObsession, we ended up competing with some real wildcats. I think it’s better to allow the matches to proceed as they will. (I’m voting one other race myself because one of the competitors was very loud in her opposition to the #IndyRef.)

Our best strategy is to vote often and for as long a period of time as we can. High road, peeps. Remember in Loch Lomond that the high road takes us into the Highlands. The low road is death.

Final Round – Caitriona Balfe vs Alex Kingston (last years winner)

Vote Here: http://www.bbcamerica.com/anglophenia/fan-favorites/women-2014/finals/match-2/




7 thoughts on “Caitriona Balfe – BBC America’s Woman of the Year

  1. Well said! Show some class and don’t get pulled into petty arguments with other fans. We need to promote the show and gain more book followers too, you can’t accomplish that if you have to trade insults. #Respect #Outlanderarethebestfans

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