Updated People’s Choice Awards Information


36 hours after voting for nominations opened, this is what we know:

There is no need to log in to your account on the People’s Choice website to vote, so fans worldwide CAN vote, simply by going to http://www.peopleschoice.com and clicking “Vote Now.”

Outlander is listed in one category – Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Cable TV Show. Getting through the nomination round in this category is our most important objective. Because of this, Outlander Ambassadors will be offering FIVE prizes in the giveaway if Outlander makes it through the nomination round in this ONE category. Please make sure to lavish your attention on this one before you attempt any write-ins.

Write-ins can be done as a single vote now. There is NO need to vote for anyone other than our Outlander cast members to do a write-in. Most of the categories are packed with passionate fan bases larger than ours, so Favorite Actor/Actress in a New TV Series appears to give us our best chance at a successful write-in campaign.

Earlier information from Once Upon A Time fans indicated that voting for nominations via Twitter is possible. The Castle fan base has alerted Nathan Fillion that Twitter voting does not open until November 4. We have been unable to get verification of Twitter voting from the People’s Choice website or from the People’s Choice Twitter account, so sticking to the website is our best bet at this point.

Thanks to Karli Anderson for the gorgeous profile pic posted above. Let’s show our Outlander People’s Choice pride all over social media.

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway daily here: http://www.outlanderquotes.com/gabaldon/raffletakequiz.cfm?rid=15

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