People’s Choice Awards Giveaways


We all know that Outlander deserves every award out there (and some that haven’t been invented yet), but the People’s Choice Awards give us the opportunity to make it happen.

This is a big task. Most of the shows which have won have fan bases 10-20 times the size of Outlander’s. Fortunately, few of them have fan bases as dedicated (or as benignly nutty) as ours. To encourage Outlander fans to vote often and repeatedly, Outlander Ambassadors, Sandie Russo of Knitzy Blonde and an anonymous donor are offering prizes for those who help Outlander get recognized (often and repeatedly) in these awards.

Outlander has been nominated for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Cable TV Show. We are also suggesting writing in Sam Heughan for Favorite Actor in a New TV Show and Caitriona Balfe for Favorite Actress in a New TV Show. We have discovered that fans outside the US CAN vote for the awards by going directly to http://www.peopleschoice.com and clicking on “Vote Now.”

There is a daily limit of 20 entries (1 vote = 1 entry) per e-mail address, but PLEASE vote more if you have the time. Frankly, 100 votes per day is NOT a crazy number and even though 1000 votes per day might be, that is the kind of crazy that wins People’s Choice Awards. When you have finished voting for the day, go to the outlanderquotes link below, enter your e-mail address and the number of entries you have earned.

You do NOT have to vote all of the categories on the ballot. If you don’t care who wins Favorite Hip-Hop Artist, you don’t have to vote it.

The nomination period ends on October 30. At that time, every e-mail which has 150 or more entries in the giveaway will be entered into a random draw for Claire’s cowl in the winner’s choice of color, courtesy of Knitzy Blonde.

Voting for the awards opens on November 4. If Outlander is makes it through the nomination voting and is still in the running for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Cable TV Show, Outlander Ambassadors will award FIVE prizes from all of the entries during the nomination period. If Outlander earns further nominations through write-ins, we will award one additional prize for each.

THERE IS NO LIMIT TO THE NUMBER OF TIMES YOU CAN VOTE. The 20 entries per day per e-mail limit is simply designed to give those with less time to devote to the cause a chance to win.

Clear the calendar. Limber up the clicking fingers. The PCAs are about to get Outlandered! Caisteal Dhuni! (OK, OK – we’ll say it.) Tulach ard!


24 thoughts on “People’s Choice Awards Giveaways

    1. There are a lot of categories which may be Outlander-appropriate, but we’re best off sticking to those in which Outlander appears on the ballot. Write-ins take 3-4 times as long to do and we’ve got our hands full trying to successfully nominate Outlander in the categories chosen for it by Starz. (Personally, I’d LOVE to see Angus and Rupert in the Bromance category.)

    1. Yip that’s the first step. On Tuesday the 21st voting for nominations will begin and Outlander has a good chance of being listed in a number of categories on the ballot. Thanks and spread the word.

    1. Not sure about the two email accounts (will have to try myself) But voting is unlimited so you can vote as many times as the fingers can handle. Personally I’m hoping to get in 100+ a day, Outlanders worth it, ye ken 😉

    1. Thanks Heather! 🙂 Please discourage Write-Ins. Outlander will be on the ballot already in a number of categories. Find them. Click on them – repeatedly. Don’t waste your time trying to get nominations in any other categories, no matter how much we want to win them. If any of us waste our time, Outlander could end up with no nominations at all.

    1. There is NO limit to the number of votes you can cast. We capped the entries at 20 per e-mail per day to allow those who do not have as much time to devote to the cause a chance to win prizes, but I’m planning at least 100 votes per day per category from my one account.

  1. I registered to vote, however, I see only one category where Outlander is mentioned; there are none of our Outlander actors in any categories. WTH?? Only Sci-Fi Fantasy Drama. I wrote Sam and Cait’s names in. Hope it helps.

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