People’s Choice Awards Nominations October 21-30

Nominations for the People’s Choice Awards run from October 21 through October 30.  I’m sure you are as eager as I am to see Outlander clean up!

The first step is to register to vote on nominations and awards.

Follow this link: https://www.peopleschoice.com/pca/register.jsp to register.  Don’t worry that the fields are gray.  Just enter the information.  You may need to enter the two-letter abbreviation for your state instead of using the drop-down menu and your password needs to have at least 8 characters including a number.  Once you’ve completed it correctly, you will get an e-mail confirming that you’re registered.

We’ll remind you (probably several times) as October 21 approaches.  Hopefully, by that time Starz will have given us some guidance on which categories are most worth the effort.  And effort is certainly involved – many fandoms have lots of people who spend several hours a day voting for this.

A word to the wise – you do not have to nominate or vote on each category every time.  You can (and probably want to) browse back to the Outlander categories and click repeatedly on our candidates.  It’s just how the “game” is played.

Voting for the awards will start on November 4.  Here’s to hoping that we will have LOTS to click on then too!

And, unfortunately, this is open to US residents only.  I know, Outlander is beloved worldwide and fans worldwide should be heard.  The US fans will have to carry this one this time.


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