Viral Is Good – Our Next Giveaway

How many people have seen a meme like this:


or this:


and haven’t wanted to click share?

Or how many people haven’t shared the video of the little girl dancing in her car-seat to Gangnam Style?

We’re looking for Outlander memes and fan-made videos or other animated media with the potential to go as viral as these.

The Ground Rules:

All memes and videos or other media may feature only content shared by Starz, either in the form of photos or screenshots or short video clips from trailers or the premiere episode.

The actors’ images may not be altered in any way. Overlays, additions of text and other artwork is freely allowed but the actual image of the actor must be unaltered.

There is a limit of 3 entries (either memes, videos or a combination) per person.

We are looking for materials with broad appeal that can be understood by people without any knowledge of Outlander, but are likely to make people curious enough to seek out the series and contribute to our ultimate goal of World Outlander Domination (or at least as many seasons on Starz as there is story to be told – take your pick.)

Submit entries to OutlanderAmbass@gmail.com.

Entries can be submitted until midnight EDT on August 5, 2014. @OutlanderAmbass will tweet each entry after 8 am PDT on August 6, 2014. The three memes and three videos/animated media with the most favorites by August 7, 2014 at 8 pm PDT will be the winners.

Six prizes will be awarded, three for memes and three for videos/animated media. The entrant with the most favorites in each category will choose their prize first, followed by the second place winner and the third place winner will receive the prize not selected by the other winners.

Outlander Ambassadors is offering a series tie-in trade paperback of Outlander, signed by Diana Gabaldon, to one winner in each category.

Kristin Matherly is offering an Outlander-themed tee-shirt of the winner’s choice to one winner in each category.

Kristin Matherly is also offering a gift certificate to a vendor of Outlander-themed jewelry, bookmarks or other items, again to a winner in each category.

The list of available tee-shirts and Outlander vendors will be announced within the next week.


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