#OutlanderCountdown Book Giveaway

Here is the link to enter the book giveaway for ‪#‎OutlanderCountdown‬. We did trend in the US, so there will be at least one book offered. We’ll have to see what the Trendinalia data shows for tomorrow.
Click the link and enter your handle – and good luck!
The deadline to enter is 8 pm Pacific Daylight Time on July 11.

Update (10 pm Pacific Daylight Time, July 11):
Even though we did not reach our goal of a Top 100 Hash-tag according to Trendinalia, we have decided to offer both books, as we were so very pleased with the response. We had 130 entries in the contest.

Congratulations to our winners, @OutlanderRita and @monigheandonn3.

Thanks again for tweeting #OutlanderCountdown and stay tuned for more opportunities to win. We’ve got some exciting ideas coming to help Spread the News and Share the Most Awesome Story Ever Told.


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