Job Well Done, #WorldwideTVNeedsOutlander Tweeps! What’s next?

When we decided to tweet in support of Outlander at the LA Screenings, we had one goal: To draw the attention of network executives at a time when we could make a real difference.  Mission accomplished! 


Of course, trending worldwide, in the US, the UK, Australia and in some new countries was also on the agenda.  Mission also accomplished!

In total, we trended in 8 countries and worldwide for at least part of the effort.  Congratulations to fans in new Outlander-trending countries – New Zealand, Sweden, The Netherlands, France and Italy.  These screenshots have been forwarded to the Sony international team for use in their marketing efforts.



Now, here comes the hard part – waiting for the suits to come to terms and for the announcements to start.


In the meantime, we’re planning efforts to draw new viewers into the Outlander family in preparation for the premieres in the US, Canada and Australia.  An integral part of these efforts will involve targeting networks in Outlander-orphan countries.  We’ll make noise for our fellow fans worldwide for as long as it takes.  

While we’re gearing up for more Twitter efforts, please keep the pressure up on your networks via e-mail, Facebook and snail mail.  If you get replies which would help us fine-tune efforts in your country, please let us know.

One last request – please sign up for tvtag and learn to use it now.  It’s an entertainment-based social media site and is highly interactive while shows are actually airing.  They post trending data, which will be very much to Outlander’s benefit once it’s on-air.  (Helix did very well on tvtag.  Helix has since been renewed and received international marketing efforts at the LA Screenings also.)  Creating Outlander buzz – it’s what we do – wherever we can do it.


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