Guidelines #WorldwideTVNeedsOutlander 2/26 8-10 pm GMT

Guidelines for #WorldwideTVNeedsOutlander

Basic trending guidelines:

If your account is “locked” (your tweets are protected or private), you need to go into your settings before the event and unlock it. (You can lock it again after the event.) Tweets from locked accounts do not register in trends and will not be seen by the networks.

Only tweets from accounts with more than 10 followers will count toward the trend. If you need more followers, send a tweet to @Reader_DG at least 24 hours before the event and we’ll see to it that you get at least that many followers.

The hash-tag is #WorldwideTVNeedsOutlander. Use this in all of your tweets during the event and only ONCE in each tweet. Don’t include any other hash-tags in your tweets. If you are tweeting networks in your own country in your native language, please keep the hash-tag in English for trending and searching purposes. In the time leading up to the event, please reserve this hash-tag for those who are organizing the event. Bloggers, Twitter accounts representing national and international groups and others who are recruiting should use it, but sparingly. If it is over-used prior to the event, it will be harder to get it to trend.

Don’t use the “retweet” button. Retweets do not count in trending. You CAN retweet by copying someone else’s tweet and adding RT to the beginning of the tweet. This is actually a very good idea.

Don’t include the word “trend” in your tweets. There is a rumor that Twitter has a way to prevent overt trending efforts.

Twitter Jail – Please read!

If you exceed 100 tweets in an hour or 200 tweets in 3-4 hours, you will get a message at the top of your feed (in a black box – that can’t be good, right?), saying “You have exceeded your daily limit of tweets. Please try again in a few hours.” You have just gone to Twitter Jail and cannot help the effort any further. If you tweet the same text to too many different handles in a short period of time, you run the risk of getting your account suspended. This is more serious, so mix your tweets up. (Do a few to UK networks as below, then a couple to Germany, then a different tweet to Italian networks, then a few to New Zealand, etc.)

Guidelines for this effort:

We will be doing two types of tweets:

1. For the networks in the UK, New Zealand and SoHo and Foxtel in Australia, we will tweet each network only once from each account, promising social media support when Outlander airs. As we have done a mass effort in each of these countries, further efforts need to be cautious. Please DO tweet SoHo and Foxtel, as they have repeatedly asked for social media support. This is a great way to show them the magnitude of the response they can expect.

2. For networks in other countries, we are asking for a total of four tweets (one per half-hour) to each handle. These tweets should stress the quality of the production and the ready-made fan base eager to watch the series. Please keep the squeeing to a minimum. We are intelligent fans who read big complicated books. The networks should listen to us.

We cannot stress enough: Do NOT “spam” the networks. Four tweets spread out during the event to each network from each of us is PLENTY. Of course, you’re going to tweet your own networks first, and you should, but supporting each other once you’ve done that will help the hash-tag to trend in your country, which will be at least as helpful to the effort as your individual tweets to the networks.

Long reply threads will annoy the networks. If you reply to a tweet, make your tweet easy to understand without clicking on the tweet before it.

Watch the left-hand side of your screen during the event. That’s where the trend data is. Sometimes the trend will be very short-lived. Be ready to capture a screenshot if you see a trend. These screenshots are useful in later contact with the networks.

About 10 minutes before the event, use the grey “Search” window on Twitter to search #WorldwideTVNeedsOutlander. Hit enter and it will take you to the real-time feed. Click “All” to see everyone tweeting the hash-tag. This is the best part of trend efforts – connecting in real time to fans from around the world.

The other reason to watch the feed is to use it to find tweets to use. If the sample tweets do not inspire you and you are not feeling creative, you can copy and paste tweets from the feed and then tweet them as your own. Find a tweet you like, and copy it (highlight, right-click and “copy” in Windows or highlight, hold Command and tap the letter “c” in iOS) then click on the blue “box with a quill in it” icon. That will open a “Compose New Tweet” window. Paste the copied tweet there (right-click and “paste” in Windows, Command and the letter “v” in iOS), check to make sure the tweet is right (nothing missing and nothing extra) and then click “Tweet.” Repeat.

One last note: Before the event, go to your “Me” tab, click the “gear” (settings) icon, and select “Notifications.” Uncheck every box there to avoid spamming your e-mail. You can go back afterward and check the boxes again.

The event is scheduled for February 26 from 8-10 pm GMT. To the best of our knowledge, the corresponding times are:

12 noon – 2 pm in the Pacific Time Zone
1 – 3 pm in Mountain
2 – 4 pm in Central
3 – 5 pm in Eastern
9 – 11 pm in Western Europe
4 – 6 am on February 27 in Perth (SORRY!)
6 – 8 am (2/27) in Brisbane
7 – 9 am (2/27) in Sydney and Melbourne
9 – 11 am (2/27) in Auckland and Wellington

For time zones not covered here, you can check this site:

Thank you for your support of all things Outlander.

See you at the party on the #WorldwideTVNeedsOutlander hash-tag on February 26/27!


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