#WorldwideTVNeedsOutlander February 26, 8-10 pm GMT


For those who have not heard, Australia’s Foxtel announced this week that they have acquired the rights to Outlander to air on SoHo, which is a channel in their basic cable package. Let’s all raise a glass in congratulations to our friends in Oz!

Foxtel made the announcement via this tweet:


We now have proof positive that our efforts are reaching the right people, as Foxtel used the hash-tag from our December 8 Network Awareness Twitter Event #NZOZTVNeedOutlander. (If you participated in this effort, take a moment to pat yourself on the back – and squee, of course. I’ll wait.)

Sony’s international sales team is outstanding and the “product” (Outlander) sells itself, but there is every reason to believe that fan involvement tipped the balance in our favor and/or hastened the decision. Diana posted today about international broadcast rights and encouraged us to continue to contact broadcasters, so without further ado:

#WorldwideTVNeedsOutlander Network Awareness Twitter Event February 26 8-10 pm GMT

This effort has four goals:
1. To bring Outlander and its large existing fan base to the attention of networks in countries we have not get targeted, hopefully resulting in the quick sale of broadcasting rights to the series.
2. To demonstrate the amount of fan support broadcasters in the UK and New Zealand can expect from Outlander fans once the series airs, hopefully resulting in the quick sale of the rights there.
3. To demonstrate to Foxtel that fans will indeed support the series when it airs in Australia (and to thank them for being the first non-North American broadcaster to acquire the rights.)
4. To trend our hash-tag in as many countries as possible.

A guidelines document and two sample tweets documents will be forthcoming in the next week. Please familiarize yourself with them when they are published.

In the meantime, mark your calendars, recruit your Outlander-loving friends to Twitter and follow each other, as participants need to have at least 10 followers each on the day of the event.


4 thoughts on “#WorldwideTVNeedsOutlander February 26, 8-10 pm GMT

  1. I have ran into some issues with people. Example, Stop the Developement of Culloden. I am aware that the petition has been signed by Diana and for the most part Sam, etc. people starting to fight about it on the Facebook page. I then took quick control saying I had asked you all how to handle the situation. I would let them know when I heard from you. I am not an Ambassador and have no authority. Trying to keep control and make it all smooth for all the Scottish Charities and Causes I am involved with. Looking forward to any advise.

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