International Outlander – Daring to Dream Big

The response to the International Outlander blog post has been overwhelming.  We’ve gotten some new network Twitter handles from Germany, France, Sweden, Portugal, Italy and Brazil, plus an Ambassador who is researching in Japan.  More importantly, we have recruited a lot of new Ambassadors from outside North America.  Thanks so much!

We also got this great news about Central America from Connie Sandlin:
“We live in Costa Rica (Central America) and subscribe to SKY satellite television service, based out of Mexico.  I’m not sure of all SKY’s countries and programming, but we have the option here (which I just used) to pay for premium channels like HBO.  Additional premium channels under the brand “Moviecity” seem to carry Starz content.  We were able to watch the 1st episode of Black Sails one day after the United States premiere.  It was subtitled in Spanish, but with an English soundtrack.  (Spartacus, The White Queen, and other Starz offerings have also been shown on the Moviecity channels.)  Hope you find this information helpful!”
Connie, this information is beyond helpful, it’s downright squee-worthy.  (Yes, squeeing is a fact of life in this fandom.  Sorry!)

Certainly, our first (and foremost at this time) goal is to see Outlander airing simultaneously worldwide.  But we have a bigger goal.  We want Outlander to be renewed for as many seasons as there is story to be told.

Our “Network Awareness Twitter Events” (as we euphemistically call our trend efforts) are designed to show the networks that there is a large fan base who will subscribe and watch, but who will also very actively promote the show once it is on-air.  This is where our recruitment efforts are so very, very key.  Plenty of us think nothing of tweeting ourselves into Twitter Jail on behalf of Outlander, but just a few tweets from a large number of fans count for much more in the grand scheme of things.  Once the show starts to air, these “just a few tweets” people will help Outlander to trend on a regular basis.  And those who tweet rarely will still watch and help the ratings via word-of-mouth.

So, beyond harassing our long-suffering friends and family, what more can we do?  The German fans are mentoring the French fans now and helping them create Facebook and Twitter presences to recruit even more fans.  We’ve developed relationships with fellow bloggers.  I’ve noticed that I get a couple of new followers every time I get a reply from Diana.  I’m careful to follow these people back and watch for signs that they are struggling with Twitter, so I can offer help either via tweets or direct messages.  I also watch my feed for newbies and try to engage them.  Anyone else have any more ideas?

Once the show airs, we can help increase awareness of the show through tvtag (formerly GetGlue).  It’s an entertainment-based social media site where we check in to the shows we are watching.  They offer free stickers for check-ins and track the popularity of the shows via their own trending system.  It would be a great idea for all of us to join now and familiarize ourselves with the site.  Outlander does have a page there with a lot of the content we’ve been following.  Here’s a link:  http://tvtag.com/tv_shows/outlander  As an aside, Helix (Ron and Maril’s show on SyFy here in the US) was the #1 show on tvtag this past Friday.  Outlander can and will do the same if we all get on-board.

Given that the Olympics are coming up, we’re thinking that our efforts over the next few weeks will be best directed at recruitment and mentoring new people on Twitter.  We’re preparing for our next Twitter event during the week following the Olympics.  If you are new to Outlander Ambassadors, please check the blog posts with the guidelines for #UKTVNeedsOutlander and #NZOZTVNeedOutlander for some basic how-to information.  We hope very much that you will all join us.


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