#OutlanderInvadesLA Needs To Trend

As most Outlander fans know by now, Starz is hosting a Fan Gathering in LA on January 11, with Diana Gabaldon, Ron Moore, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, and the event will be live-streamed worldwide.  Starz has given us the hash-tag #OutlanderInvadesLA to use in discussing the event and it will be very heavily used over the coming week.  During the NYC event, we trended briefly with #Outlander in several areas.  We can do better this time.

On Monday, Starz will be announcing the arrival time for the event and the NFL playoff schedule should be set.  (It’s lucky for us that there will only be 4 games over the weekend, as those games will definitely trend.)  Once we have that information, we’ll set a two-hour window to tweet the hash-tag heavily and attempt to spark a trend in the whole US and as many other countries as possible.  During this time, we’d like to tweet cast photos, the Starz promo videos released to date and memes with images of the cast and beautiful quotes from the books.  The idea is to give people who see the trend and are curious about Outlander enough little teasers to prompt them to explore further.

We know everyone will be preoccupied during the event and we want everyone to enjoy it fully, so we will not attempt to trend during the actual event.

Please watch this blog for further updates and join us on Saturday, January 11, 2014, to spread the news and share the most awesome story ever told.  Long live Outlander on Starz!

2 thoughts on “#OutlanderInvadesLA Needs To Trend

  1. OUTLANDER will be the most Amazing series to hit the screen since the phenomena of ROOTS changed TV forever!! I LOVE everyone involved and cannot wait to see all 9 books brought to life. Diana Gabaldon is a genre all her own and a MAGNIFICENT one at that. Led by the incomparable Ron D. Moore with a cast of a thousand stars already we are going to be the Best.

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