Our Mission Statement and Values – Outlander Ambassadors

Our Mission Statement:

Outlander Ambassadors exists to promote all things Outlander – Diana Gabaldon, the books, the television series and its cast – through the use of social media and fan-based grassroots outreach.

Our Values:

We will strive to present all aspects of Outlander, including the fan base, in a consistently positive light.

In all public forums, we support the creative talents involved unconditionally. When clarification of creative decisions is sought, we will restrict ourselves to closed and secret Facebook groups and our long-suffering family and friends.

We believe that the creative talents, producers, networks and all other entities involved in bringing Outlander to television should be well-compensated for their work. Thus, we abhor internet piracy in all its forms.

When our efforts are thwarted, we will turn to our closed and secret Facebook groups to vent our frustrations, console ourselves and re-commit ourselves to further efforts.

We will deal with critics of Outlander, and the creative talents involved, in a respectful and polite manner. We will extend the same courtesy to each other.

When fan involvement is requested by the publishers of Outlander books, the producers of the series, the networks and distributors involved or any other official Outlander entities, we will participate enthusiastically to the best of our abilities. We will respect and adhere to their guidelines and instructions for these efforts.

As Outlander is beloved world-wide, fans world-wide are welcome.

We love a good SQUEEE. Squeeing is encouraged.

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38 thoughts on “Our Mission Statement and Values – Outlander Ambassadors

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lissa. On January 11th we are putting our efforts into getting #OutlanderInvadesLA trending. Hope you can join the Twitter Party. 🙂

  1. *squeeing* so excited to express our fan dom in blogging, pictures, cooking, etc. It truly makes us part of the team! Thanks Outlander peeps!

  2. Love the show Out lander show and cast. Am reading the books while waiting on the return of Out lander.

  3. I’m reading some of mixed reviews regarding Caitriona Balfe as Claire. I happen to LOVE her as Claire. What are your thoughts?

      1. Yes…We do love her! I saw OUTLANDER 1st, had not read a bk in 25 yrs., have read them all at least 4 times, CAITS MY CLAIRE, and always will be…all the cast are there when I STILL read them.

  4. I admit holding my breath fearing nothing could ever live up to Diana’s creations and all she provided for our imaginations, however, the adaptation is a stellar production in every way..love it. It is such a relief to see it done so well, as well as exciting to be revisiting and enjoying her amazing story at a whole new level. Thank you for the superb casting and production and attention to detail for us “detail fanatics”. My husband, who has never read the books (or many books at all – visual action person that he is) loves it. And I love that he finally understands what I’ve been raving about all these years! Thanks for including me in the tweets. Happy to get a little snippet each day 🙂

    1. Well put Tanya! “Stellar production” says it all. My faith in television has been restored, there actually is something worth watching!
      I can hardly believe how the TV series has proved even better than my imagination of the story settings & characters. I can’t even remember now, what I imagined Jamie & Claire to look like in my head before I saw the show.
      I’m rereading all the books now and discovering what I missed from reading through them too fast! However, it could have been all the pain meds I was on while reading the books last fall! :-))
      After 2 major surgeries, I had a physical therapist who made home visits—she is the one who told me about the books. She kept telling me how good they were, I finally got the 1st one, as a sample, on my Kindle. I was immediately hooked!
      How does Diana come up with all this?? So glad she did! Love you Diana!
      Can’t wait for the next season.

  5. I’m to embarrassed to say how many times I have watched the series…told all my friends & relatives, whoever would listen, how fantastic OL is! Nothing but praise from me!

  6. Thrilled to be part of this group. Thank you for the link to the group!

  7. Just returned from 18 days in England and Scotland. Visited Inverness and the nearby Culloden Battlefield. Saw the stones at Clava Cairns. Went to Beauly. Went to Falkland, the town used as Inverness in the 1940’s. Jamie was displayed in many Falkland windows. Saw the house used for Lollybroch. Visited Isle of Skye and Edinburgh. Such fun!!!

  8. hello greetings laura donnelly colin morgan and bradley james katie mcgrath autographs with photo I am fan letter

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