Network Handles and Sample Tweets #NZOZTVNeedOutlander

To use this document, copy and paste the first network handle into the “Compose new Tweet” window on Twitter.  Then copy and paste one of the statements below into that same window.  Check to make sure that everything is correct – nothing extra, nothing missing and no extra spaces within the links – then click “Tweet.”  Then copy and paste the tweet you just sent into the “Compose new Tweet” window, remove the network handle and replace it with the next one and tweet.  Repeat until you have tweeted all 10 handles.  You can tweet the networks again with a different message in 30-45 minutes.  In the meantime, tweet photos, quotes and respond to each other using the #NZOZTVNeedOutlander hash-tag, but REMOVE the network handles from any reply tweets.

@SoHoTVAU                                                           @SKYNZ

@Foxtel                                                                     @Primetv_NZ

@SonyPicturesAUS                                                 @TV3nz

@WorldMovies_Aus                                               @fxtvau

@UKTVaustralia                                                      @FOX8tv


Sweden has Alexander Skarsgard. Scotland has Sam Heughan. #NZOZTVNeedOutlander pic.twitter.com/DXRYd6mfRy

Read Outlander. You’ll understand the passionate fan base and buy the series. #NZOZTVNeedOutlander pic.twitter.com/CffeXVoymq

Great story, talented cast, proven producer. Low risk, high reward. #NZOZTVNeedOutlander pic.twitter.com/emiqwrgnom

Outlander has been called “Scotland’s answer to Game of Thrones.” #NZOZTVNeedOutlander pic.twitter.com/cVfCacxKJ2

You think he looks cross now? Wait until he learns fans flew to US to watch! #NZOZTVNeedOutlander pic.twitter.com/i5vUkk4Heb

Fans are eagerly awaiting this scene – it’s so very special. #NZOZTVNeedOutlander pic.twitter.com/BsQV6foPyA

Graham McTavish – from The Hobbit to Outlander. #NZOZTVNeedOutlander pic.twitter.com/ rKWb2UAG34

Caitriona Balfe has appeared onscreen with Schwarzenegger and Stallone. #NZOZTVNeedOutlander pic.twitter.com/p15MYChWSU

Huge buzz over Outlander at NY Comic Con. #NZOZTVNeedOutlander pic.twitter.com/ h3QurKNmp7

Fans will GLADLY pay for a premium cable subscription to see Outlander. #NZOZTVNeedOutlander pic.twitter.com/ngudZW9xaM

Great dialogue, amazing chemistry, charismatic lead actors. #NZOZTVNeedOutlander pic.twitter.com/tujig9HjBX

Over 20 million books sold and counting. That many fans can’t be wrong. #NZOZTVNeedOutlander pic.twitter.com/03m9tVd5I8


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