On December 8, 2013, at 9-11 p.m. GMT Outlander fans worldwide will take to Twitter in our second “Network Awareness Twitter Event.”  Our first event, #UKTVNeedsOutlander on November 13 was successful in that we trended in both the US and the UK, but the series has not been picked up by a network there yet.  New information indicates that networks in the UK frequently do not buy US-made series until a few months (or even weeks) before the debut.

We’re hoping to minimize the wait for fans in Australia and New Zealand by convincing networks there that interest in the series is very high.

How can you help?  Lists of targeted Twitter handles and guidelines will be posted here and on Outlander-related Facebook pages in the next week and several Twitlonger documents will be coming from @OutlanderAmbass and @Reader_DG as well.  Familiarize yourselves with the guidelines, clear your schedules on December 8 in your timezone and tweet to support your fellow fans.

To make it easier: 9-11 pm GMT is 1-3 pm Pacific Standard Time, 2-4 pm MST, 3-5 pm CST, 4-6 pm EST, 5-7 am December 9 in Perth, 9-11 am in Sydney and 11-1 am in Auckland.

We will be planning events in the next months for the European Union and Latin America.  We’re hoping that sparking trends on Twitter will encourage networks worldwide to air the series at the same time as the US and Canada.

Why should you care?  Desperate fans in countries without access to Outlander on-air may turn to internet piracy sites, costing the producers the income needed to bring all of the books to life for us all.

Thanks for your support of Outlander Ambassadors.  See you at the party on the #NZOZTVNeedOutlander hash-tag on December 8.



12 thoughts on “#NZOZTVNeedOutlander

  1. I can help on Dec 8. Even though I’ll be getting the show on Starz, I’m willing to do what it takes to outlying Outlanders get it as well. I know I’d be crushed.

    1. Thanks so much, Debbie. I often say that Diana brought a group of strangers together to form a family. Thanks for helping, sister.

    1. We would dearly love to see Outlander shown in Asia at the same time as the US and Canada. If you can find a way to reach other Asian fans, we’ll do what we can to help you.

  2. These books get into your soul and your heart;you don’t just read them,you live them. When you are between books you wonder how they are doing,they feel real and you are truley there. If the tv show even comes close to this it will be a hit.

    1. Go take a look at the trailers, Susan. The show is going to do the books justice – absolutely. I was in the audience in LA when they showed the first trailer and EVERYONE was moved to tears by the perfection of the production.

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