Viral Is Good – Our Next Giveaway

How many people have seen a meme like this:


or this:


and haven’t wanted to click share?

Or how many people haven’t shared the video of the little girl dancing in her car-seat to Gangnam Style?

We’re looking for Outlander memes and fan-made videos or other animated media with the potential to go as viral as these.

The Ground Rules:

All memes and videos or other media may feature only content shared by Starz, either in the form of photos or screenshots or short video clips from trailers or the premiere episode.

The actors’ images may not be altered in any way. Overlays, additions of text and other artwork is freely allowed but the actual image of the actor must be unaltered.

There is a limit of 3 entries (either memes, videos or a combination) per person.

We are looking for materials with broad appeal that can be understood by people without any knowledge of Outlander, but are likely to make people curious enough to seek out the series and contribute to our ultimate goal of World Outlander Domination (or at least as many seasons on Starz as there is story to be told – take your pick.)

Submit entries to

Entries can be submitted until midnight EDT on August 5, 2014. @OutlanderAmbass will tweet each entry after 8 am PDT on August 6, 2014. The three memes and three videos/animated media with the most favorites by August 7, 2014 at 8 pm PDT will be the winners.

Six prizes will be awarded, three for memes and three for videos/animated media. The entrant with the most favorites in each category will choose their prize first, followed by the second place winner and the third place winner will receive the prize not selected by the other winners.

Outlander Ambassadors is offering a series tie-in trade paperback of Outlander, signed by Diana Gabaldon, to one winner in each category.

Kristin Matherly is offering an Outlander-themed tee-shirt of the winner’s choice to one winner in each category.

Kristin Matherly is also offering a gift certificate to a vendor of Outlander-themed jewelry, bookmarks or other items, again to a winner in each category.

The list of available tee-shirts and Outlander vendors will be announced within the next week.

#OutlanderCountdown Book Giveaway

Here is the link to enter the book giveaway for ‪#‎OutlanderCountdown‬. We did trend in the US, so there will be at least one book offered. We’ll have to see what the Trendinalia data shows for tomorrow.
Click the link and enter your handle – and good luck!
The deadline to enter is 8 pm Pacific Daylight Time on July 11.

Update (10 pm Pacific Daylight Time, July 11):
Even though we did not reach our goal of a Top 100 Hash-tag according to Trendinalia, we have decided to offer both books, as we were so very pleased with the response. We had 130 entries in the contest.

Congratulations to our winners, @OutlanderRita and @monigheandonn3.

Thanks again for tweeting #OutlanderCountdown and stay tuned for more opportunities to win. We’ve got some exciting ideas coming to help Spread the News and Share the Most Awesome Story Ever Told.

Sample Tweets for #OutlanderCountdown July 10 1-3 pm Pacific, 2-4 pm Mountain, 3-5 pm Central, 4-6 pm Eastern, 9-11 pm BST, 10-12 midnight CEST, July 11 6-8 am AEST, 8-10 am NZST

Thanks to Kristin Matherly, all of the sample tweets can be found on this webpage, in simple click-and-tweet format.

Please check this out and plan on joining us!

Guidelines for #OutlanderCountdown July 10 1-3 pm Pacific, 2-4 pm Mountain, 3-5 pm Central, 4-6 pm Eastern, 9-11 pm BST, 10 pm – 12 am CEST July 11 6-8 am AEST, 8-10 am NZST

We have two goals this time:

To spark interest in people who are not yet aware of Outlander, causing them to seek more information and subscribe to Starz/Showcase/SoHo.

To continue to stress to networks in Outlander-orphan countries that fans will watch and support the show.

Basic trending guidelines:

Tweets from “locked” accounts (tweets are protected or private) will not count in the effort. Go to your Twitter settings, then the privacy option and uncheck the “Protect my tweets” box before the event. You can go back afterward and check the box again.

Only tweets from accounts with more than 10 followers will count toward the trend. If your need more followers, send a tweet to @Reader_DG at least 24 hours in advance and we’ll help you get that many followers.

The hash-tag is #OutlanderCountdown. Use this in all of your tweets during the event and only ONCE in each tweet. Don’t include any other hash-tags in your tweets. If you are tweeting networks in your own country in your native language, please keep the hash-tag in English for trending and searching purposes.

Don’t use the “retweet” button. Retweets do NOT count in trending. You CAN retweet by copying someone else’s tweet and adding RT to the beginning of the tweet. This is a very good idea.

In the time leading up to the event, please reserve this hash-tag for those who are organizing the event. Bloggers, Twitter accounts representing national and international groups and others who are recruiting should use it, but sparingly. If it is over-used prior to the event, it will be harder to get it to trend.

Don’t include the word “trend” in your tweets. There is a rumor that Twitter has a way to prevent overt trending efforts.

We cannot stress enough: Do NOT “spam” the networks. Four tweets spread out during the event to each network from each of us is PLENTY. Long reply threads will annoy the networks. If you reply to a tweet, make your tweet easy to understand without clicking on the tweet before it.

Twitter Jail – Please read!

If you exceed 100 tweets in an hour or 200 tweets in 3-4 hours, you will get a message at the top of your feed (in a black box – that can’t be good, right?), saying “You have exceeded your daily limit of tweets. Please try again in a few hours.” You have just gone to Twitter Jail and cannot help the effort any further.

If you tweet the same text to too many different handles in a short period of time, you run the risk of getting your account suspended. This is more serious, so mix your tweets up. (Do a few to UK networks, then a couple to Germany, then a different tweet to Italian networks, then a few to New Zealand, etc.) For added safety, follow the networks we are targeting at the rate of about 10 per day for several days before the event and unfollow them at about the same rate after the event.

About 10 minutes before the event, use the grey “Search” window on Twitter to search #OutlanderCountdown. Hit enter and it will take you to the real-time feed. Click “All” to see everyone tweeting the hash-tag. This is the best part of trend efforts – connecting in real time to fans from around the world.

The other reason to watch the feed is to use it to find tweets to use. If the sample tweets do not inspire you and you are not feeling creative, you can copy and paste tweets from the feed and then tweet them as your own. Find a tweet you like, and copy it (highlight, right-click and “copy” in Windows or highlight, hold Command and tap the letter “c” in iOS) then click on the blue “box with a quill in it” icon. That will open a “Compose New Tweet” window. Paste the copied tweet there (right-click and “paste” in Windows, Command and the letter “v” in iOS), check to make sure the tweet is right (nothing missing and nothing extra) and then click “Tweet.” Repeat.

One last note: Before the event, go to your “Me” tab, click the “gear” (settings) icon, and select “Notifications.” Uncheck every box there to avoid spamming your e-mail. You can go back afterward and check the boxes again.

The event is scheduled for July 10 from 1-3 pm Pacific Daylight Time. For time zones not covered above, you can check this site:

#OutlanderCountdown Giveaways July 10 1-3 pm Pacific, 2-4 pm Mountain, 3-5 pm Central, 4-6 pm Eastern, 9-11 pm BST, 10 pm – 12 am CEST July 11 6-8 am AEST, 8-10 am NZST

Outlander Ambassadors are offering two books signed by Diana Gabaldon to people who tweet #OutlanderCountdown with us on July 10 (July 11 in Australia and New Zealand):

1. A first-edition, first printing copy of Written In My Own Heart’s Blood (aka MOBY) with the “flyng” typo on page 814.
2. A trade paperback series tie-in copy of Outlander. (The trade paperback is the bigger book.)

There are NO geographical restrictions to these giveaways, but #OutlanderCountdown needs to be one of the top 100 hash-tags for the day according to Trendinalia. (If we fail to make this goal, I’m sure we can find a little something to offer as consolation prizes to our dedicated tweeps.) If #OutlanderCountdown is a top 50 hash-tag, a second series tie-in copy of Outlander will be awarded, again with no geographical restrictions.

At the conclusion of the event, a link to a page on OutlanderHub will become active. We will announce the link via Twitter, this blog and posts to Outlander Facebook pages. Participants will have 24 hours to enter their Twitter handles there to be entered into the random drawing for the books. Winners will be announced on Twitter through @OutlanderAmbass and @Reader_DG by 8 pm Pacific Daylight Time on July 11.

If your account is “locked” (your tweets are protected), you will NOT be eligible for the drawing, as your tweets will not count toward the trend effort. Before the event, go to your settings (the gear icon), then “Security and privacy,” scroll to “Privacy” and UNCHECK the “Tweet privacy” “Protect my tweets” box to make your trend effort tweets visible. After the event, you can go back and check the box again.

See you all at the party on the #OutlanderCountdown live-time feed and thank you again for your efforts on behalf of all things Outlander!

#OutlanderCountdown July 10 1-3 pm Pacific, 4-6 pm Eastern, 9-11 pm BST, 10 pm – 12 am CEST July 11 6-8 am AEST, 8-10 am NZST

Now that we are all emerging from our reads and re-reads of the #1 best-selling book, Written In My Own Heart’s Blood, (will we ever get tired of seeing those words?), I’m sure we can all agree that we want to see MOBY brought to life on our TVs.


To see Outlander renewed for as many seasons as there is story to be told, two things need to happen:

1. Starz, Showcase and SoHo need to see a substantial increase in subscribers due to Outlander.

2. Outlander needs to be seen in as many countries as possible.



To these ends (and with the approval of the Outlander team at Starz), we are asking fans to tweet with us on July 10 (July 11 in Australia and New Zealand). 


In the US, Canada and Australia, we will be tweeting photos, video links and other Outlander related information with the message “Subscribe now. Don’t miss out.”


In other countries, we will be targeting networks to impress upon them, yet again, that we will watch and actively support the show when it is on-air.  We know that there are active negotiations on-going worldwide.  If we make enough noise, we may be able to convince the network executives to accept Sony’s current offers.



As if this is not enough incentive to join us, Outlander Ambassadors is offering a signed, first-edition, first-printing copy of MOBY via random draw to someone who participates provided that #OutlanderCountdown becomes a top 100 hash-tag on Trendinalia’s rankings for July 10.  This giveaway has NO geographical restrictions.



Please mark your calendars now.  Guidelines and a suggested tweets document will be published by July 4.


Countdown to MOBY

We had a request for social media activities to increase awareness about Written In My Own Heart’s Blood and its release next Tuesday, June 10.  (Next Tuesday!  Squee!)  So, for the edification of those who have been living under rocks and are not aware of MOBY yet, we’re suggesting two things.

This Friday, June 6, please make a point of tweeting #FridayReads and mention #WrittenInMyOwnHeartsBlood coming 6/10 and include a photo.  Several tweets with different photos would certainly help the cause.

Karli Anderson has made us a series of 7 profile pictures to be used on Facebook and Twitter.  We’ll be releasing a new image every evening (Pacific Time) starting on Tuesday, June 3, and asking everyone to change their profiles daily until the big day (when we’ll be reading MOBY and our devices will be verra lonely.)  Remember, every time you change your profile, the new profile pic shows up in your friends’ news feeds.  The pics are designed to go along with little teasers to get your friends curious and/or excited about MOBY.

Thanks, everyone, for making #WorldOutlanderDay such fun!  Too bad we have to wait almost a year for the next one…

See you on Twitter and Facebook Tuesday evening for the first profile pic reveal.

Day 1


Day 2



Day 3



Day 4



Day 5



Day 6


Day 7: MOBY Day is here