Getting Outlander the Great Publicity it Deserves

This post is mostly “lifted” from my good friend Laura Carmichael aka @LallybrochLaura.  Thanks, girlfriend!

Outlanders, I think this will have been posted before, yet it bears repeating now that Our Show is on the air.

I write this as someone who has watched the online metrics come through for Fortune 100 companies and competitors. The way interest is gauged is by how many viewers a given page (article, post, etc.) receives, AND by how many viewers take an action indicating interest (sharing that page, making a comment). We also look at how long a viewer spent on the page (from which it can be hoped more advertising or brand-building soaked in). Those things really do make a difference in what the company does next. So…

If you see an interesting article, do more than ‘favorite/like’ the tweet/post: –> Go to the originating site, and TWEET itSHARE it on Facebook, and Comment (if the page has Comments). <–

The more of us who do this, the more the provider of that content will know THERE IS INTEREST in Outlander – and then they are more likely to generate more coverage, and potentially better coverage, in the future.

Spending 10 minutes a day on this will help build and cultivate the Buzz that gets more subscribers for Starz (and more seasons of Outlander for all of us), so please let’s all keep up the good work!

And we can all pardon each other in advance for the seemingly redundant tweets and posts: Remember, every time we do this, a Highlander gets his Kilt. ;o)


Missions Accomplished! Entry Information for Door Prize Giveaways. Deadline 9 pm EDT August 10.

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Missions accomplished! Outlander has been trending at #1 on tvtag for much of the day and hit a high of >1500 checked in, which was almost a 3-fold lead over the second place show.

‪#‎OutlanderDay‬ trended for about an hour, from 9 pm EDT until almost 10 pm EDT, exactly coinciding with the premiere.

‪#‎Outlander‬ also trended on the West Coast during the premiere in the Pacific Time Zone.

Here are the links to enter the door prize giveaways. CLICK ON THE LINK TO ENTER!

Outlander Ambassadors will award one bandana/mini-poster set and 2 copies of TVGuide, which will be sent to Diana for signatures with postage-paid envelopes addressed to the winners, for both tvtag and Twitter participants. (6 winners in total)



The deadline is 9 pm EDT on Sunday, August 10. Good luck and THANK YOU!

Virtual #Outlander US Premiere Party August 9 9 pm – 1 am Eastern Daylight Time, 8 pm – midnight Central, 7 pm – 11 pm Mountain, 6 pm – 10 pm Pacific, 11 am – 3 pm August 10 AEST, 1 pm – 5 pm NZST

Let’s all get together, raise a wee dram and celebrate the premiere of Outlander on Twitter and tvtag.

Please start by checking in to Outlander on tvtag, then head to Twitter and tweet your reactions to the show using #Outlander.

Trending during a first-run broadcast is the best thing we can do to advance all things Outlander. It will be most effective if we succeed in trending during the first airing, which will be at 9 pm Eastern, 8 pm Central, 7 pm Mountain and 6 pm Pacific. If you check your cable listings, you probably have the Eastern feed even if you are not in the Eastern time zone. Otherwise, you can use On Demand, or YouTube to watch. Given that the episode will run again immediately following the official premiere, we have lots of opportunities to make an impact.

Door prizes will be given. Refreshments are on your own.

Outlander Ambassadors is offering two Outlander bandana/mini-poster sets as door prizes. The first set will be awarded if we succeed in trending ‪#‎Outlander‬ at any time during the virtual party. The second set will be awarded if we make Outlander #1 on tvtag.
If neither goal is reached and we just have a great time tweeting with each other, Outlander Ambassadors will offer 2 copies of TVGuide with Outlander on the cover.

See you on the #Outlander hash-tag on Saturday night!  Slàinte mhath!




Tweeting for Outlander Good (and Swag) – It’s what we do

I’m sure many of us had the same reaction when the news broke earlier this week that Lightbox in New Zealand and HBO in The Netherlands had secured the rights to air Outlander and that fans in those countries will be able to watch by the end of August – absolute joy, maybe a few happy tears followed by complete devastation on behalf of the fans in the UK.

Outlandish UK has set a Twitter event for August 6 from 8-10 pm UTC+1, which is noon – 2 pm in the Pacific Time Zone, 1-3 pm in Mountain, 2-4 pm in Central, 3-5 pm in Eastern, 9-11 pm in CEST, 5-7 am on August 7 in AEST, and 7-9 am in NZST.  They have asked us to tweet #UKTVNeedsOutlander to a list of networks, which will be published with suggested tweets by Monday, August 4 at 8 pm Pacific Time.

If we succeed in getting #UKTVNeedsOutlander to trend during this time, Outlander Ambassadors will award an Outlander Starz bandana and “The Kilt Drops” mini-poster via random draw to one participant in the Twitter drive.  There are no geographical restrictions.


If the UK deal is announced before the event, we will cancel the event and award the prize via random draw to someone who tweets #ThankYou(Name of Network) to that network’s handle within 24 hours of the announcement.


If you’ve participated in any of our Twitter drives, you have almost certainly tweeted “When Outlander airs, I will do everything in my power to help ensure it’s a hit.”  It’s time to make good on that promise.  We have a golden opportunity this coming weekend with the official premiere on Starz.  I’ve tried live-tweeting during True Blood for the past few weeks and found it very difficult.  We’ll all have seen the first episode multiple times by August 9 at 9 pm Eastern time, so it’s the perfect time to try to trend #Outlander during a first-run episode, which is crucial to making Twitter impact ratings.  If #Outlander trends between 9-10 pm Eastern time (8-9 pm Central, 7-8 pm Mountain, 6-7 pm Pacific), we will award a second bandana/mini-poster set again via random draw to a participant.


One more chance to help ensure Outlander is a hit (and win a bandana/mini-poster set) is via tvtag, which is an entertainment-based social media networking site.  They have their own trending system, based on check-ins to shows.  If Outlander trends at #1 during the official premiere on August 9, we will award the prize.  Helix typically trended at #1 there when it was on-air, so this is very do-able.  Tvtag is highly interactive, so we have a very real chance to get viewers to change the channel and sample Outlander.  You can check in via the website, or via the free app.  Please familiarize yourself with tvtag now and check in at 9 pm Eastern on August 9.


Don’t forget the meme/video contest we are running right now.  E-mail your entries to by August 5 at midnight Eastern time. 

Viral is Good – and so are Prizes

We are looking for fan-made memes and short videos with the potential to go viral which can be easily understood by people who are not familiar with Outlander.  Please see our “Viral Is Good” post for more information.

On August 20, we will tweet each entry from @OutlanderAmbass and the creators of the memes and videos with the most favorites by August 21, 2014 at 8 pm PDT will win one of the following three prizes:

1. A copy of the series tie-in trade paperback of Outlander, signed by Diana Gabaldon, offered by Outlander Ambassadors.


2. A tee-shirt of the winner’s choice from the following list, offered by Kristin Matherly.










3. A $50 gift certificate to one of the following Outlander-related vendors, also offered by Kristin Matherly.







Unfortunately, this is a one-of-a-kind piece, but Michelle is very talented and could work with a winner to create something very special.







We will award one book, one tee-shirt and one gift certificate for the top three memes and one of each for the top three videos or other animated media, for a total of six prizes.

Get those creative juices flowing and submit your entries to by midnight EDT on August 19, 2014.  There are no geographical restrictions on this giveaway.

Tulach Ard!  (Or as we prefer to say: Caisteal Dhuni!)

Viral Is Good – Our Next Giveaway

How many people have seen a meme like this:


or this:


and haven’t wanted to click share?

Or how many people haven’t shared the video of the little girl dancing in her car-seat to Gangnam Style?

We’re looking for Outlander memes and fan-made videos or other animated media with the potential to go as viral as these.

The Ground Rules:

All memes and videos or other media may feature only content shared by Starz, either in the form of photos or screenshots or short video clips from trailers or the premiere episode.

The actors’ images may not be altered in any way. Overlays, additions of text and other artwork is freely allowed but the actual image of the actor must be unaltered.

There is a limit of 3 entries (either memes, videos or a combination) per person.

We are looking for materials with broad appeal that can be understood by people without any knowledge of Outlander, but are likely to make people curious enough to seek out the series and contribute to our ultimate goal of World Outlander Domination (or at least as many seasons on Starz as there is story to be told – take your pick.)

Submit entries to

Entries can be submitted until midnight EDT on August 5, 2014. @OutlanderAmbass will tweet each entry after 8 am PDT on August 6, 2014. The three memes and three videos/animated media with the most favorites by August 7, 2014 at 8 pm PDT will be the winners.

Six prizes will be awarded, three for memes and three for videos/animated media. The entrant with the most favorites in each category will choose their prize first, followed by the second place winner and the third place winner will receive the prize not selected by the other winners.

Outlander Ambassadors is offering a series tie-in trade paperback of Outlander, signed by Diana Gabaldon, to one winner in each category.

Kristin Matherly is offering an Outlander-themed tee-shirt of the winner’s choice to one winner in each category.

Kristin Matherly is also offering a gift certificate to a vendor of Outlander-themed jewelry, bookmarks or other items, again to a winner in each category.

The list of available tee-shirts and Outlander vendors will be announced within the next week.

#OutlanderCountdown Book Giveaway

Here is the link to enter the book giveaway for ‪#‎OutlanderCountdown‬. We did trend in the US, so there will be at least one book offered. We’ll have to see what the Trendinalia data shows for tomorrow.
Click the link and enter your handle – and good luck!
The deadline to enter is 8 pm Pacific Daylight Time on July 11.

Update (10 pm Pacific Daylight Time, July 11):
Even though we did not reach our goal of a Top 100 Hash-tag according to Trendinalia, we have decided to offer both books, as we were so very pleased with the response. We had 130 entries in the contest.

Congratulations to our winners, @OutlanderRita and @monigheandonn3.

Thanks again for tweeting #OutlanderCountdown and stay tuned for more opportunities to win. We’ve got some exciting ideas coming to help Spread the News and Share the Most Awesome Story Ever Told.